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East Asia Shishito Pepper Chicken Drumsticks (2 pcs), Garlic Potato Buns, Yoghurt Dip. From the new Apollo Coffee Bar; the latest concept by the same folks behind Atlas Coffeehouse, Lunar Coffee Brewers and Colombus Coffee Co. which had taken up one of the two units previously taken up by Pow Sing Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens.

Open all day, Apollo Coffee Bar's menu features brunch dishes, as well as small and large sharing plates; some dishes being favourites brought over from Atlas Coffeehouse, though there are quite a number of new items on the menu as well. Seemingly taking inspiration from the classic Nashville Hot Chicken, the Shishito Chili Chicken here is their own twist with an Asian fusion. Instead of featuring fried chicken drenched in a spicy hot sauce, the variant here features what seemed to be roast chicken with a East Asia Shishito Pepper spice rub; the result is a moderately spicy, savoury flavour that provides much of the flavours of the entire dish — the chicken coming with a slightly crusty skin whilst being juicy, tender and succulent. Those who are not so tolerant to spiciness can consider dipping the chicken into the yoghurt dip; more like a sour cream in terms of flavour, it helps to neutralise the spiciness and add a creaminess to the chicken — eliminating the heat from the spice rub itself. While Nashville Hot Chicken usually comes with sliced commercially-produced bread, this came with Garlic Potato Buns; almost akin to that of those local bakery buns served with Hainanese Western cuisine, the buns were toasted for a slight crusiness on the outside, but still soft, fluffy and pillowy within; very light and perfumes of garlicky fragrance. Pretty heartening to see how Atlas Coffeehouse (or even to a degree, Assembly Coffee) had grown over the years, becoming the multi-concept name that still constantly delivers over the years — pretty much explains why it had, and still is drawing crowds into their cafes all the while. A spot for avid cafe-hoppers to check out, and certainly a convenient location for Serangoon Garden residents to go for a delightful cup of coffee and quality brunch offerings.