Beef sashimi is controversial, but if you stumble across a place that does it right like @sakabaigokochi, you’ll come to see the merits of raw beef like I did. Sakaba Igokochi’s Beef Tataki with Dashi Ponzu ($12++) is executed excellently, and I had no qualms with consuming the slices of almost raw beef.⠀

The slices of beef were just lightly seared, and were tender and decently marbled with fat. Most of the flavour in the dish was provided by the dashi ponzu. It was salty & sour, an odd combo to have with beef, but it definitely grows on you. The salinity from the dashi makes the meaty flavours of the beef more pronounced, while the tanginess of the ponzu adds a refreshing, zesty twist to the beef.⠀

Coupled with the crispy deep fried garlic chip on every slice of beef, the Beef Tataki hits all the necessary contrasts to make it a delicious dish. Soft beef, crispy garlic, salty & savoury beef & dashi, slightly sour ponzu, and the heat from the horseradish provided makes for an intriguing dish that must be tried at least once. Ponder upon the complexities of Beef Tataki while sipping sake, and you’ll have yourself a good time.