Came here on a weekday for lunch it attracted pretty good business, so naturally we had some high expectations.

We ordered one of the sushi set lunch ($30) and the chirashi rice bowl ($37). But without the burpple promotion, we would probably be quite disappointed...

Food presentation: 10/10. Loved how the sushi “stairs” looked, and the rice bowl was visually appetizing too.

Taste: 6/10. The sashimi was fresh, but nothing fantastic, nothing stood out.

Price: 5/10. Without the burpple promotion the meal would have cost us around $70++, which we felt wasn’t worth it considering the portions aren’t huge and we were still hungry after. With burpple we paid about $40, which I think is a more reasonable standpoint.

Service: 9/10 service was good, staff are friendly and attentive.