Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

$10.90 - ShackMeister Burger (Single)
$5.90 - Cheese Fries
$6.90 - Vanilla Milkshake
$7.50 - Shack Attack

Burger was good! Love the additions of the fried shallots which gave the burger a good texture and enhanced flavour. It was a little oily though. Tasted even better with tomato sauce.

Cheese fries was normal. I’ve had better.

Vanilla milkshake was just thickened milk. Could hardly taste the vanilla.

Shack attack was just chocolate ice cream with bittersweet chocolate chunks/bits, chocolate rice and dry/cakey brownie bits. I can easily make my own and it’ll definitely be better than this.

I would come back again for the burger but not the rest. Maybe we should have tried the outlet special - Matcha Made In Heaven. We’ll try next time~