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Here’s what went down: uni. Rich, creamy, oceanic urchin roe. Uni on crab. Uni on oyster. Uni on its own. Uni on rice. Uni fried. I’m pretty sure I had a lifetime’s worth of uni in one sitting.
The epic meal started with some uni-versity education. Uni Gallery carries three types - bafun (stronger-tasting and dark coloured when in season), murasake (mild and without the salty ocean taste) and aka, which is their house uni that’s sort of in between the earlier two and usually comes in larger portions.
First dish was da bomb - the Uni Bomb ($99) that is. We were advised to work our way starting with the Bafun and fried Sawagani crab, move on to the Aka uni with kegani or hairy crab meat, the wagyu and uni shutou yuzu (seasoned uni), and finish off by downing that shot of Japanese gin. I love the deep ocean flavour from the bafun, but the aka and crab meat combination was even more of an intense flavour bomb! Best part was washing all the seafood down with the shot (actually two, because @fionatingx was on medication that night) of sake-distilled gin that had a strong citrus flavour.
I’ll be posting more photos of what we had over the next few days... I try, I’m really slow with posts 😬