half buttermilk and charcoal waffle that comes with houjicha soft serve and some fresh fruit. the waffle was delicious and crunchy and the soft serve was really refreshing and has a strong houjicha tea flavour! the edible tiny flower petals need to go though, we all agreed they taste a bit a like tissue paper...

going to review the other two waffles we had as well but did not manage to take a photo before they were eaten: brown butter waffle and smores waffle.

brown butter waffle: buttermilk waffle with cooked apple chunks and crunchy crumble bits and vanilla ice cream. tasted like an apple pie sort of waffle and we deduced that the brown butter in the name is in the crunchy crumble bits (which were delicious) savoury, sweet & salty crumble that went well with the apple chunks!

smores waffle: buttermilk waffle with graham cracker bits, toasted marshmallows and we opted for a scoop of sea salt caramel ice cream, wow the ice cream was DELICIOUS, our waffle was a tad bit overcooked and too crunchy though, also looked darker than the other waffles, too long in the waffle pan?