Visited on a public holiday and it was super crowded with snaking long queue at 3.43pm.

Most of their brownies selection are available but some of their popular ones are running out. (Depends on the day itself too)

Bought the [PB] Peanut Butter & Himalayan Pink Salt ($6.50), MLW - Signature Molten Lava Dark Choc, Walnut & Sea Salt ($8.10) and [70] 70% Fleur de Cao Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt ($7.10)

The PB flavour was super rich & thick which it can be very gelat/heavy after a few bites (with the loads amount of salt). The chocolate has a good amount of sweetness and bitterness, so it is good if you prefer a rich dark flavour profile with PB. I feel that this is too much to finish for one person and meant to be share instead.

I felt that the MLW was overly sweet and the salt is too much in this. I couldn’t finish this on my own as I need to spam water to compensate the sweetness of the chocolate. This is a must buy option if you have a very very sweet tooth.

The 70% flavour is just nice for me. Not too sweet and has a slight bitterness to it. It is not overpowering with loads of sweetness/saltiness. This is the type of brownie that I could finish on it’s own. If you like a balance profile flavour of brownie, this is the flavour to go for.

Overall, the brownies are good and matches the price point and quality for each one of them. It can be slightly overpriced & overated but it is good to indulge in this once in awhile. I will probably go for this again if I happen to be there and craving for it. (And maybe short queue)


-1 service (very slow processing)

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