Wanted to have dinner at Liang Seah Street and saw a few people eating this so I thought it looks good and decided to try it. #noregrets

MALA ($8.20)
I ordered mushrooms, lotus roots, potatoes, fungus, luncheon meat, tofu skin and maggi noodles. I just LOVE how juicy the mushroom was and the texture was SO good. I’ve tried mala at other places and I feel this is a lot better than those at the hawker centres you usually eat. The level of spiciness was just nice for me (I ordered 小辣). Its very aromatic and It’s not so oily and not so salty at the same time, which I really love! (Because mala at other places tend to be either very oily or salty which can be really unhealthy). One thing I dislike is the portion of rice they give is pretty miserable and the seats are a tad bit cramped

Verdict: 9.5/10 🧚