At Indonesian restaurant The RiceTable ($17.90 nett for lunch; $28.50 nett for dinner), there's no scurrying around to fill your plate, nor is there a time limit to adhere to. Instead, they follow a unique Dutch style of enjoying Indonesian dishes called 'rijsttafel' (meaning 'rice table'), where samples of many different dishes are served. Once you take your seat, steaming white rice is dished onto your plate, and 11 (at lunch) or 20 (at dinner) refillable small dishes are brought out and arranged neatly on the 'reschaud', a narrow raised table that acts as a food warmer in the middle of the table. It all happens within seconds, so you can start digging in almost immediately. Portions are adjusted according to the size of your group, such that everyone will have one piece of every item. Decide which dishes you love most and order them again! Look out for the stellar deep fried sweet and sour fish, flavourful curry chicken, tauhu telur and super-meaty chicken satay that our community loves. Pro tip: Even if you're dining solo, you will still be served the entire range of dishes with the option to refill, making it a perfect choice in town for a satisfying yet affordable lunch if you're flying solo, or with groups of any size.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Christabel Tan