Fried Pierogi dumplings 🥟 8/10

These polish dumplings featured a deep fried exterior holding together creamy potato and bacon. They're served atop a smidge of siracha mayo. Not sure about its authenticity but these sure were delicious!

Smoked duck dumplings 🥟 9/10

The chopped up morsels of duck provided ample bursts of smokiness in between crunchy bites of caramelised leek. The heaviness of the smoked meats was countervailed by the sharp balsamic vinegar and rocket salad on top.

Overall, I found the food here rather exciting and refreshing. There were so many flavours in each set (eg. Earthy noodles, smoky duck dumplings, crispy shallots, soft ramen egg) that I was spoiled for choice!

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