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A bowl of pork noodles for only RM8? It’s no wonder there’s always a queue at this little shop. Ten Noodle serves only pork noodles only and you even get to customise your bowl! Choose the type of noodles you want (hor fun, vermicelli, yellow mee and more), the portion size, soup or dry, with or without innards and if you’d like add-ons – go for the Crispy Bean Curd (RM6) for extra crunch. The star here is the killer broth that’s sweet, salty and porky all at once. Plus, it’s loaded with generous amounts of minced pork, slices and meatballs. As Burppler Wand3ringn3k0 - said, “you will not leave this place feeling hungry.” Word.
Photo by Burppler F P Yap