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Too much of over-fried chicken, dry chicken breasts, thick batter that was not cooked through or so much so that it ridiculously wraps around the chicken like a dough in a dough, in a dough, in a dough…there’s this lil chicken – crap! No such nonsense in Chicken Up.

Perfect golden brown crispy fried chicken, slightly spicy, sweet, juicy, and not heavily coated with batter.

Be prepared to set a whole new expectations for fried chicken, so evenly coated, crispy and juicy in every part of the chicken! Yes! Even the chicken breasts are cooked through evenly and still moist. They also only fry upon order, so be prepared to wait awhile while they carefully prepare your order.

I love fried chicken with a hint of spiciness and this had been done so damn right. Nothing too spicy that it starts to burn you and stops you from eating further while it’s still piping hot especially. You just keep going on, and on, and on…until you realised it’s wiped clean to the bones. You’ll be sucking your fingers to get just a lil bit more of those chicken juices or even licking your plates……but then, now, fret not! They serve buffet now and c’mon, just order another piece of chicken – you know it’s gonna worth every count of calorie.

They are pretty packed now, unlike years ago when I visit, there’s usually only perhaps two tables occupied on a normal weekday dinner/supper time, so make your reservations!