Should have known something was wrong when the waitress put the dirty menu on my plate when she was taking our order. Food was okay only. Ordered Chicken Mussaka and it was just water and vegetable below the cheese. I ate mussaka before and this ain’t it. Only the apple tea was good. We were not able to choose between rice and bread because we are using burpple. But one of the staff was nice to give us complimentary rice but we were charged for that in the end. Service charge doesn’t tally to 10%. Supposed to be 1 for 1 but they gave a lower discount and charged me for a higher price. Told me if I use credit card and it double charges, the restaurant will not be held accountable. Lied to me that the credit card machine spoiled but it was working well. Kept insisting I use paynow and was treated very rudely. Never visiting this place again!! Unethical and dishonest restaurant!