Rating: 8.5-9/10

Located right outside cross street exchange, we ordered 2 bowls of malatang - one 小辣 and the other 中辣. Tbh the difference in spiciness isnt very obvious!

Both bowls were around $11-$12, priced at $2.88/100g. We were pretty full after as well. Pretty worth it in my opinion especially because it doesnt matter whether you take veggie or meat. There was quite a wide variety to choose from too — eg lobster ball with row, fried tofu skin, pork belly, dory fish, prawn, cuttlefish, mushrooms etc.

Taste wise: the broth was super creamy! After receiving your bowl there will be a condiments station where the server would add sesame sauce, crushed garlic, chilli oil, coriander etc. The sesame sauce contributed to the creaminess of the broth too, however the server did put alot of sauce and the creaminess got abit jelak for me midway through. Besides that, the broth was v tasty too as the mala taste isnt compromised by the creamy texture.

We dined at 2pm but even then there were still a few office workers dining there. Can imagine peak hour to be pretty crowded.

Side note: This place is pretty comparable to the popular malatang chain - Dragon Hotpot in Australia :) IMO its 80-90% similar!