Carrot 🥕 cake - or carrot muffin it seems. Lemony soft cream cheese, cake texture is per what you expect of a carrot cake, though you can’t find carrot shreds. That tinge of lemon citrus taste in cream cheese makes it a good balance.

Sea salt brownie (RM10)- love the fudge center. You can see for yourself on one of the pic . Sea salt balance out the sweetness, very soft crumbly butter base. 👍🏼fudge without heating up.

Raspberry almond tart (RM10) - 4 raspberries nestled inside the frangipane (sweet almond paste) enjoyed the buttery crumbly crust. When you taste pastries made w butter, ya know pastries be good.

Pecan cinnamon bun( RM 18)- chewy bun texture, not for me nothing to shout about this one it’s mediocre. cinnamon taste is there. I felt it was abit bland overall.

Butter pecan cookies (RM 35?) - for a small size it’s not a lot, however the fragrant butter smell of the cookies justify the price . I guess there’s a lot of butter. Also pecans here aren’t cheap. Crusty crumbly texture, dough done right. 👍🏼

When you taste all these pastries could tell these beauties are made using a good amount of butter.