CBD executives like me now have this option for affordable lobster rolls for a quick lunch.
Thanks to Hazel for introducing me to owner Leonard, they treated me to all three flavours of their lobster rolls:
1. Chunky's Original - with mayo, lemon, secret herbs and spices
2. Chunky's Connecticut - coated and toasted with melted butter sauce
3. Chunky's Cheesy - with different cheese melting through.
I found the lobster rolls totally worth its price. They might not use uber fresh swimming lobsters like in some restaurants in the CBD area (and those cost ~$50 here), but I can definitely taste sweetness in those juicy lobster chunks.
In terms of sauce, the people who have tried it are equally fond of the Butter and the Cheese ones, with a slight majority leaning towards the Cheese. The Original allows you to taste the most sweetness from the lobster, while the cheese was still rather light so it doesn't distract from the lobster as well. For the buns, i like that they're soft and toasted with butter on both sides.
For the price of a poke bowl at CBD, there'll be times I want a lobster roll instead. And this is where I'll come :) but be prepared there are only 4 seats in this fast food kiosk, so it's better to takeaway instead.
Chunky Lobsters
138 Robinson Road
Unit 02-03
Oxley Tower
Singapore 068906
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 11am to 7.30pm
Saturday: 11am to 3.30pm
Sunday close