Due to the current state of affairs, imma just start a new hashtag real quick: #takeouttuesday⠀

The first dish to star in the new hashtag is @newubin Smoked Pork Fried Rice, as half of the Signature Set for 1 ($12 before delivery charge) which comes with a dessert of Ubin’s famous banana gula Melaka. I had already been recently acquainted with New Ubin thanks to @veronicaphua, and I was looking forward to testing their standards anonymously.⠀

My god, the wok hei from the smoked pork was absolutely astounding. I know, the chunks of pork in the fried rice are small, but they ameliorate that annoyance with quantity. There’s a lot of those bad boys in that piquant pile of fried rice, and this quantity had a whole lotta quality. Smoky, salty, and simply satisfying to chew on, the smoky pork bits singlehandedly carried the entire plate of fried rice to palatable prestige.⠀

The little bits of shrimp were fabulously fresh with a supple snappiness to them with each bite, and the rice itself was fantastically fried and sublimely seasoned. Utterly delicious, and even the extra side dish of broccoli was not overlooked. It too, was equally enjoyable, as the otherwise bland broccoli was sautéed and seasoned to perfection.⠀

This is pretty damn delish for food that’s been delivered, no lies here.