There's quite a few restaurants selling Souffle pancakes at Plaza Singapura. I end up decided to go with Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe, as they claimed that their pancakes are certified fluffiest in town.

Ordered their Soufflé Stackers with Strawberry, Almond Biscuit & Strawberry-Cheese Sauce ($17.90). I would say the warm pancakes had good volume and fluffy but smell and tasted overly eggy, and on the slightly wet sticky side. Pancakes were also kind of on the sweeter side.

Menu photo and description says it's paired with Almond Biscuit, but turned out to be different from Menu, it's more like biscuit crumbs 😅. Strawberry Cheese Sauce tasted just like normal cream sauce. Can't really taste any cheese flavour but it's ok lah still goes well with pancake and I like cream anyway. Ice cream was ok and pretty normal. The best thing about this dessert was the fresh strawberries! Complement well with the sweetness of the dessert and made it less jelak.

Might not come to this cafe again just for their Soufflé pancake. Over priced and no wow factor. Haven't try anything else on their Menu. Would be interested to know whether their Taiwanese Mee Sua, Lu Rou Fan and Golden Chicken Fritter tasted authentic like the ones I love in Taiwan.