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Penyet Project is located in ABC Brickworks’ Muslim row, and is practically engulfed by all of its competitors offering ayam penyet. So how on earth does a stall run by two young Malay men manage to stand out from all other stalls run by makciks and enciks?

That’s simple, they make their fried chicken gloriously great. Just on looks alone, that juicy chicken leg is a stunner. But wait, there’s more! The batter encasing the chicken is absolutely amazing. It’s deep fried to perfection, and it’s titillatingly crispy. Better yet, the batter is thoroughly seasoned with a medley of Malay spices that makes it scintillatingly savory. The chicken within was decently moist and also superbly seasoned, and the skin is a delight to devour.

Of course, it wouldn’t be as outstanding as it currently is without that stellar, spicy sambal on the side. It’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be. It has enough spice to get you all hot and bothered, but it’s not overpowering and won’t obfuscate any of the other fabulous flavors on the plate. It’s spicy, savory and slightly sour, a perfect refinement to the awesome ayam penyet. The chicken rice on the side was redolent & rich, but a little too moist and soggy.

Chicken rice is brilliant, but I like ayam penyet more. It’s just that good, don’t @ me.