From Omote’s menu revamp, which was just launched on Friday that sees the introduction of some new items, which includes a Spicy Dashi Chirashi and many more other items (both cooked and raw) to try.

The Umami Soy Chirashi is essentially a spin-off to their original Omote Chirashi Don, described on the menu as “second-generation favourite redefined with a new age roasted stock of soy marination”. As compared to the original Omote Chirashi Don which is essentially the main attraction, the Umami Soy Chirashi’s marinade comes slightly more savoury than sweet, providing a more punchy umami note that the namesake suggests. There again, it comes with just the right proportions of fish to rice, with the raw fish diced just right or provide enough chew whilst being fresh — very much the standard package with a little more oomph, along with that same Ikura the provided for an extra burst of umami as they pop in the mouth, and that lethal Wasabi that provides that numbing but oh-so-shiok tingle to the tastebuds. Excited to return for the other items that they have added to the menu, especially for the garlic fried rice dishes and the Spicy Dashi Chirashi — a next visit shall be due soon!