Heard it's one of the top sushi bars in BKK.
That's brilliant. Great portion sizes, they're never big enough here!
Geraldine Nordfeldt strange! There's ample supply at the Sydney Fish Market don't they? Loved every moment of it there.
Yup, Sydney is well stocked in sashimi. Looking forward to that again soon!
Where's next for you? Happy thanksgiving!
Happy thanksgiving! Back in Singapore after great US trip, moving back to Sydney in January though :( sad to be leaving but looking forward to being home again.
Geraldine, keep burpling, back home. Luv your post! Never been to Sydney but love Melbourne!
Aw thanks Steve G - I will!
Geraldine Nordfeldt back to Sydney so fast? Hope you had a great time in Singapore! And yes, we promise to keep burppling all the great SG eats and u'll be back in no time ;)
My goodness that sashimi is massive