Spotted yet another new offering at the favourite place whilst being there for the weekend cuppa the other day; and it goes without saying what we are going to order to accompany the cuppa.

Available alongside their line of loaf cakes, which includes the Carrot & Walnut Slice and the Chocolate Banana Slice, the Soy Osthmanthus Tea Cake with Yuzu Frosting is something that offers a twist to the more conventional loaf cakes that they have to offer. The tea cake was actually pretty comforting; bearing the same density as their usual loaf cakes, they are also pretty generous with how big the slices are here. It is sufficiently moist, but I especially loved how the cake itself carried light notes of soy — almost akin to that of soy milk. Whilst the Osthmantus could admittedly be a little stronger for a floral note, the Yuzu Frosting came with a slight zing and wasn’t particularly sweet; overall a pretty fitting and comforting combination. Best paired with an iced long black, especially given the current heatwave of the late.

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