Johor Road Boon Kee Porridge - Pork & Liver Porridge (💵S$3.50) : Pork, Minced Meat, Liver topped with ginger, radish, spring onion, Fried Chinese Donut aka YouTiao & a raw egg (Top up extra S$0.50). 🍲

Porridge & Congee are only reserved for rainy or days when one is feeling under the weather. But this, this is comforting. As good as those you find in Hong Kong. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: I cannot live without eggs, Honestly I don't know who can. It's the foundation of food, civilisation actually. 🥚
So I implore you to add the egg, burst the yolk & let its richness flow all over. Gosh the experience of it is so arousing. 🖖🏻