Green tea lovers, you wouldn't want to miss this!

This is definitely not your regular typical toast bread, they use charcoal toast which I was pretty skeptical about in the first place. I couldn't gather the thought of two strong individuals flavours - matcha green tea and charcoal - being infused into one, but this dish surprisingly managed to pull it off. When the green tea lava oozed out of the toast like a volcano eruption, my heart melts! The combination of the two flavours gave off a unique bitter aftertaste to my tastebuds.

The sauce came out a bit watery in my opinion. Would prefer it to be thicker and with a stronger match green tea flavour. Definitely instagram and ig stories worthy one! DAMN SHIOK!

Can be shared among 2-4 pax.
But if you're a green tea lover like me, I recommend you eat and nua by yourself.

Price: S$14.90.

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