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Had the fish slice beehoon soup ($5) and fish head beehoon soup ($6.50) at Mr Fish. Actually intended to get the yu ji (something like meatier fish slice) soup ($6.50) but I think my order was mixed up - no worries, just an excuse for another visit.

One of the first things you notice when you see the stall is the "no milk added" on the sign - something that you don't get very often with fish soups nowadays. The creaminess from the soup is purely from boiling the fish bones, soybeans etc. to extract the flavour from it. Fun fact: I was actually at the hawker centre for dinner one day and saw them cooking the next day's soup overnight. So none of that artificial carnation milk creaminess.

The effort gone into making the soup really does show - its pure sweetness, the fishiness having been mellowed out by ginger slices, and good, fresh slices of fish (or fried pieces of fish head). Beehoon is not the greatest but its a small gripe. Having been visiting the Chinatown hawker centre for years, and being a huge fish soup fan, I'm glad to have found this place.

The wait was pretty short for a Saturday lunch - around 15 min or so, and you simply have to make your order and the Auntie will bring the food to your table.

They offer several dishes with black bean sauce (horfun, fish head with bitter gourd) which I'll be back soon to try. For black bean stuff though, I'd generally defer to Kok Sen (right beside the hawker centre at Keong Saik St), which does an incredible black sauce. But I'll have to see.