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From this relatively new Prata shop replacing the former space of Blackball with a hipster decor theme (think brick and cemented walls, wooden furniture and benches with pillows to cuddle) named Prata Alley at CityVibe beside Clementi Mall. Went for one of their signature Prata — Cheese & Egg Prata comes with egg in the same form you would expect in an egg Prata and melted mozzarella cheese (they use mozzarella cheese for all their cheese Prata); think stretchy melted cheese that gives a little pulling tension to the Prata to reveal stringy strands. Sinful but definitely worth the calories. Garlic Prata isn't one of the recommended ones on the menu but it satisfies my cravings for pungent tasting Prata — fried shallots aplenty wrapped in the rectangular Prata. It is worth noting that the Prata here are generally thinner than most; nearly crepe-like but it's more for those who prefer to pull their Prata apart with a fork and spoon — definitely not the crispy sort. The accompanying curry can be a little watery for some, but it does give a good, bright and tangy spiciness if one isn't too picky. If you do mind however, go for the Curry Chicken ala-carte on the side to complement — its thicker, richer and way more savoury though almost the same level of spiciness (it's mild to moderate for me) as the accompanying curry that comes with the Prata. The chicken may not be the most juicy, succulent and tender, but definitely serviceable and helps if you do need something meaty on the side along with the Prata.