10 May’18, Thu⛅️
📍LiHO 里喝! (Suntec City)
The newly launched brown sugar pearl milk series @lihosg!!!🥤
- Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk 黑糖珍珠鮮奶🍼
- Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Party 黑糖珍珠鮮奶大派對🎉
Coming soon (June 2018)
- Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Avocado🥑
- Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Matcha🍵
- Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Chocolate🍫

Thanks @lihosg for having me and @burpple for the invitation!😊

As explained in my previous review, LiHO’s new brown sugar pearl series are defaulted at 50% sugar level, an acceptable sweetness for most public I would say...

Not really a fan of Avocado, but this Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Avocado, I can! Surprised that the combi actually works out fine and there’s even tiny avocado bits adding on to the texture of the drink, non-avocado lover likes this, as an Avocado lover, definitely cannot miss this!

As a fan of matcha, I would love a matcha drink that contains a hint of bitterness from the matcha powder and LiHO just did it! Do not compare this with the famous franchise cafe’s matcha latte even though this Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk Matcha is mainly made up of matcha and milk (and the brown sugar pearl) okay? Understand LiHO actually check out many types of matcha powder and tested out different ratio to arrive at this rich and impactful matcha drink! Kudos!

Similar to that of the matcha drink above, the chocolate drink also gives you a hint of bitterness from the cocoa and it taste like those hot chocolate but in this case, cold one, filled with rich cocoa taste (definitely not like those cheapo chocolate taste), this is yum!

Generally, quite like these three new flavours that LiHO is going to launch some time in June 2018, but as what I have described above, these three flavours carry their own distinct taste, which in fact, kinda overpowered the highlight (i.e. brown sugar pearls)...

Whilst the pearls are still soft and chewy, it doesn’t really make a difference be it brown sugar pearls or just their normal pearls when drink together with the new flavours, and this might be something LiHO wanted to look into in the long run if the selling point is on the brown sugar pearls...

But otherwise, these three flavours are quite on point!

Please see my previous post for my review of the already launched Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk & Party...

Damage: Understand that the price would be similar that of the Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk series (probably range from $3.60 to $5.20)
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