💼Service review:
The service here is pretty fast, probably cause of the never-ending queue outside the shop👾

🍦Food review:
This is my favourite Singapore-based ice cream place! Most of the ice cream flavours here have not disappointed me🤪 The waffle is also crunchy yet fluffy, and I like how they serve the chocolate syrup on the side to avoid making it soggy before we start eating.

🥇Hazel’s Nuts
This is my favourite hazelnut ice cream in Singapore. Hands down🙌🏻 There’s crunchy chocolate wafers inside the ice cream that adds a little surprise to it whenever you take a bite. The chocolate is not too bitter nor too sweet. It tastes better than nutella😋

As a big fan of matcha, this has to be in my list😚 The tea flavour in this ice cream is quite strong, but not as strong as those in Hvala and Matchaya. This tastes slightly sweeter to accommodate the taste buds of the majority, but this doesn’t mean they skim on the green tea taste. Order this if you don’t have a sweet tooth🍬

🥉Cookies and cream
This ice cream is milky and refreshing! Most of the ice cream parlours have this flavour, hence it’s hard to make it stand out. I feel Udders does it right by not making it too watery, and it also did not spam the cookie bits.

Honorable mention:
I’m usually not a fan of pistachio, or anything with pistachio flavour. But this ice cream doesn’t taste too nutty. The flavour is quite light and creamy. It also doesn’t make your throat dry afterwards!

💸Total damage for 2 pax: ~$15