The pricier nature of this dish probably came from the freshly made tagliatelle pasta (and maybe the prawns, I’m not sure). The portion is much bigger than what appears in this picture haha (my bad). Overall, this was a pretty yummy dish,m that I might order again, barring the better options on the menu (such as the Crab and Scallop pasta [$33++]). The pasta was a tad too al dente for my liking. Not sure what to make of the kombu, but the prawn could definitely be tasted in the sauce (and by itself). There were three medium- to large-sized prawns that were very juicy and fresh. The sauce was very much to my liking, bearing a resemblance to upgraded prawn mee but with a flavour not as prawny and strong. It was quite savoury and had me reaching for more. Would recommend to try definitely, it’s a clean dish. But if you prefer a deeper and stronger flavour, I’ll advise going for the Crab and Scallop equivalent instead.