This item on the breakfast menu always sells out so I had to try it and see what the hype is all about. I snagged the last roll at 10am. It costs $5.90 ala carte but as part of the breakfast set you can get it with brewed coffee for $7.50.

By Starbucks standards this was honestly delicious. The slight spicy kick from the red pepper and the earthiness of the mushrooms balance each other out and the pillowy soft egg whites provide delightful contrast texture-wise. The wrap was stuffed with a generous amount of cheese (there was even a slight cheese pull!!) which added some saltiness to the wrap. The wrap itself is nicely toasted, crispy at the edges and soft, chewy and bread-like in the center.

The only complaint I'd have is that the mushrooms released water that made the wrap a little soggy and sometimes the wrap isn't toasted consistently all the way through.

Nutritionally, this packs a punch with 22g of protein for only 390kcal. Also, its the largest item by weight on the breakfast menu. Not bad, Starbucks. Not bad at all :)