One of the ten members in Black Tongue Bistro's new pasta expansion pack, Pull-The-Duck can be likened to duck noodle soup, but that would be selling it woefully short.

A considerable amount of shredded duck meat is added to the mound of al dente capellini pasta that's been submerged in a delightfully excessive amount of hoisin sauce based broth. A heap of crispy popiah skin is then seated upon the delicious pile before wolfberries are added in for extra sweetness.

The shredded duck isn't quite confit tender, but it's sufficiently tender and satisfactorily savory, and the stellar hoisin broth just helps to uplift the meaty flavors of the duck. The hoisin broth is exceptionally addictive, being light yet hearty and savory on its own, but when combined with the other elements, it helped to lift and enhance their individual flavors. The introduction of wolfberries into the pasta is downright brilliant, as the broth hit that beautiful balance of sweet and savory, keeping this dish interesting and absolutely appetizing.

Usually fusion food tends to confuse, but this fusion of east and west went well.