Came here as they had the 1-for-1 cheese fondue promo until 21 November 2021. Overall it was a wonderful experience and you could tell how homely the atmosphere was as there were Swiss who are regulars to the restaurant. The staff were very friendly and attentive throughout, made very spot-on and fantastic recommendations, and it was just a lovely vibe throughout as you could tell that they really enjoyed working there! Overall a really great experience!

Cheese bomb with Coucou salad ($14)
Started off with this as the appetizer, it was a great start and the salad with the amazing dress was very refreshing!

Chilli padi cheese fondue ($35 for 2 pax, U.P. $35 per pax)
They had a wide selection of cheese fondue flavours such as the original, chilli padi, porcini mushrooms, tomato and truffle. The chilli padi was a good choice and added a spicy kick which Singaporeans would LOVE. There was a huge bread bowl to go with it and you could top up additional $5 for potatoes / carrots / broccoli and cauliflower. The cheese fondue was great for the first few pieces but tbh got a bit jelak in the end since it was a huge portion for two.

Rigatoni pasta with Ragu ($26)
The original menu is a beef ragu but the waitress offered this option as the vegetarian option. It went very well with the cheese fondue as it helps to cut through the cheese flavour.

Caramelised lemon tart with raspberries ($14)
I can’t describe how amazing this was!! The raspberries were sweet and the lemon filling was so zesty! Perfect execution and I wish I wasn’t so full otherwise would have enjoyed it even more! They just added this on the current menu so I hope it’s here to stay and not just a seasonal item!