(quite sick of bread and eggs after this trip lol) we wanted to dine here for the scrambled egg rice with prawn/charsiew actually. But it was only when we were seated down that we realised that was part of the lunch menu that is only served from 1130am to 6pm (and our plane was leaving that afternoon and we can't afford to wait till 1130)..hence we could only order from the breakfast menu. Had the toasted bread with peanut butter, scrambled eggs, luncheon meat and cabbage! It was the first time that we had scrambled egg toast with PEANUT BUTTER?? But it turned out to be quite good! The fried luncheon meat cubes in tomato based macaroni soup was also fried till crispy on the outside.. comfort food max much. haha why HK food is all like processed or quick noodle food 🤔 #burpple #burpplehk #monkeecafe #monkee #scrambledegg #macaronisoup
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