Some say that 925 Chicken Rice is the best chicken rice in Yishun. Do you agree? Well, read on to find out what I think.

Only steamed chicken is served here. Sorry, roast chicken fans. It’s quite reasonably priced for what you get for $4 (1 person). You get to choose your chicken parts (breast, thigh, drumstick). I chose drumstick as they were still preparing the thigh meat at the time I went. And it’s served with a tiny serving of achar, a side soup (it’s translucent and not clear).

The rice was reasonably fluffy and fragrant where it doesn’t clump together. But not exceptionally flavourful. The chicken itself was tender (it’s drumstick after all) but not as silky and juicy as what I would expect. I like the special sauce as it added a bit of flavour to the dish.

I expected the chilli to wow me over. But it didn’t had the tangy kick or the garlicky punch. And doesn’t have the spiciness factor too.

It didn’t taste the same as when I had it back at its sister outlet at Ang Mo Kio 722. Do the food at the Ang Mo Kio outlets taste better than the OG at Yishun? I feel that the standards have dropped slightly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good plate of chicken rice. But is it worth the detour? Probably not.