First visit to FBG at Serene Centre (Near Botanic Gardens) and it definitely did not disappoint!

Start off with a sourdough bread and burrata. The sourdough bread is a must try as it was super crispy and tasty. The burrata was really good as well!

For the mains, we ordered a Blood Wagyu - Denver, a Wagyu steak rice bowl and the broccolini. The Wagyu steaks were amazing. They were very tender and juicy. It had a beautiful char on the meat as well which gave that distinct grilled meat flavour. Paired with the salsa verde, it was a stunner. I was pleasantly surprised by the Brussels Sprouts in the rice bowl as well. It’s a dish I’ve not tried before so I was a little cautious at first. But the flavours were amazing and won me over.

We ended the meal with a delicious cheesecake. Overall, an amazing experience FBG and would definitely come back again.