Located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre, JP 2 Mongkok Street #03-89D, right opposite Crystal Jade Kitchen. Newly open shop that sells Sweet Crepe, Savoury Crepe, Japanese Rice & Drinks. All their crepes were based on French recipe and made locally here in the shop. These crepes are amazing! They are crispy on the outside, but still maintain softness in some areas in the Crepe. They created more local flavours to suit our taste bud too. We looked at their menu and was tempted to try all! In the end, we tried their Signature Savoury Sweet Potato Crepe - Salted Egg Chicken, $5.30. Salted egg sauce was fragrant and yet not overwhelming.. the chicken were so tender and juicy as they uses chicken thigh! Everything was so awesomely good!!
The Yuzu Plum Soda (L), $4.50 was tasty! Soda drink infused with Yuzu plum and tasty yogurt flavour balls caught us by surprise as it burst in your mouth! It can be stacked together for convenience eating too! •

Thank you Darius for hosting us! He’s very warm and friendly, even explained in detail to us the way how the crepes are used to bring out the flavor of the food! @ufosgp #hungryunicornsg #ufosgp #unusualfoodoutlet #crepes #jurongpointshoppingcentre

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