From Hideout Cafe by The Local Box; a new establishment from the folks behind The Local Box at Icon Village. Must say that the Soup Laksa with Soft Shell Crab is pretty well-balanced; not overly creamy but a good balance of both rempah spices and coconut milk — all accompanied with Mee Tai Mak for easy eating. The short noodles were slurpy yet chewy, whilst accompanied with fresh and plump shrimp and a reasonably fresh, Soft Shell Crab coated in a golden brown batter on the exterior that is crisp. $13.80 for a bowl of Laksa can be a little pricey, but the spot does make for an easy place to settle for some food whilst settling last minute Christmas shopping at Robinsons without exiting the building; not to mention this variant comes with Soft Shell Crab as well.