Date visited: 5/7/2018 (Thu, 6:15pm)

According to The Straits Times (5/7/2018), now is the best time to have durians (again) due to an abundant/ (over)supply of durians from M’sia (because of the hot weather). Cheap and good durians are definitely worth splurging one’s calories on.

There is a short stretch of (parallel) parking (lots) just right outside the shop, but it would be better to park nearby and walk a short distance instead.

Really love my experience at 227 Katong Durian (after an unpleasant one at Geylang). Humble, hardworking, reliable sellers who are not pushy at all. The (seating at the) shop is clean, air conditioned and comfortable. Like most other durian places, they provide (disposable) gloves, salt and tissues for your convenience (if you need).

Today, there’s only 2 of us. So, we told the seller to choose a durian for us and that we didn’t want something that’s too big (definitely not 7kg 🤣).

We prefer something sweet with a tinge of bittersweetness, but definitely not something too bitter. The red prawn durians they have are all slightly bigger, but at 2kg, they are perfectly acceptable. We had one of that.

The red prawn durian was smooth in texture, creamy, had a honeyed taste with a very slight subtle hint of bitterness. It still leaves a sweet aftertaste. Delicious! Most of the seeds are small as well.

The MSW durian chosen was slightly smaller at 1kg++. Opening up, we could smell the sweet aroma. The MSW is sweet (only slightly bitter) and the flesh is rich and mostly creamy. Most of the seeds are flat.

We also ordered two coconut drinks (fresh young coconuts) and the total cost for 1Red Prawn, 1MSW and 2 coconuts came up to $40. Worth it.

When I reached home at night, while searching for other reliable durian sellers online, I was pleasantly surprised to find 227 Katong durian on Makansutra’s list of (TOP) 5 reliable durian sellers.

This is a place I will visit again.