$9.90 for this portion of churros is worth it. But I think they should be more well-known for their chocolate dip rather than the churros. The churros were slightly starchy but I loved that they were extremely crispy and didn't have an oily feeling to it despite being freshly fried. But then again, the last time I ate a good churros were a long long time ago so I had nothing in my memory to compare it with. And again, the crisp sound when I bite into the churros is so memorable that remembering it makes me feel like going back for more. There are three dips: milk, white and dark. It was difficult to choose my favourite as all three are finger-licking good. It took me so much to resist the temptation of licking the container clean. My only gripe was that the dark chocolate could be more bitter. Service wise, they could do with improvements to the number system. I had to be super alert because I was afraid that I would miss the staff calling out my number. This is worth a try, especially for chocolate lovers.