It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with anything kimchi, and @ajummasg Kimchi Pork Stew ($15.90++) is more proof of that. Ajumma’s has been around since 2014, but it’s only recently, when they opened shop in PLQ Mall, that I’ve sampled their food.⠀

Like the restaurant’s name suggests, this Kimchi Pork Stew feels & tastes like your favourite kindly aunt cooked this for you in her kitchen. A vibrant spicy & sour kimchi infused pork broth conceals its bounty of sliced pork belly, tofu, mushrooms and more kimchi. Ajumma’s really puts in effort to make that sixteen-ish bucks feel worth it by loading a copious portion of pork belly & tofu into the soup, plus you get four different but equally tasty banchan (side dishes).⠀

The kimchi infused pork broth was the only source of flavour for everything in the screaming hot bowl, and this is where the broth shines. The combination of the robust, thick pork broth and the spicy & sour kimchi results in a deep, multilayered and incredibly satisfying stew. The kimchi pork broth is salty, sour, slightly spicy and it stimulates appetites like nothing else. Better yet, it has more than enough flavours to donate to the pork belly, tofu and other veg floating in it and to spare. Even if you aren’t hungry, you will find yourself compelled to drain every last drop of it. Come to think of it, the Kimchi Pork Stew would also work wonders as a hangover meal.⠀

Ajumma’s may look like any other fast casual Korean restaurant, but their homely & hearty food feels like a warm hug from grandma.