Salmon Sashimi - Really fresh and tender! The only thing about this is that it didn’t come as cold as I liked it to be!

Garlic Butter Clam Udon - I love love the sauce! I thought it would be overpowering and gelat, but somehow they manage to pull it off. The sauce is creamy and garlicky, and goes really well with the chewy udon! Highly recommend to try! :)

Wagyu beef udon soup - Loved this as well! The soup is so so light, and the aftertaste is so unique. The beef taste a bit like a beef patty, but it’s sooo juicy and tender and flavourful. Also not overly heavy and gelat!!!

Japanese ice cream waffle - The waffle had a unique aftertaste and the ice cream was very creamy!!

Overall, a pleasant experience! A really cozy cafe and the waiters there were all very very professional!