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We ordered the All Time American $16.50 and Roasted Beef Croissant $16.50 as sets (comes with a drink) and topped up to change our drinks to a Cappucino +$1 and Dirty Little Iced Latte +$2.

The croissants were deliciously buttery and flaky, and the portions were decently sized. The roasted beef tasted very similar to Quiznos's roasted beef sandwich.

The cappucino was decent, and came served with a Lotus biscuit, which was a nice touch. The Dirty Little Iced Latte, Coffee Daily's take on the recent trend of milk with espresso cubes, was unfortunately slightly lacking. The flavours didn't seem to go as well together as compared to Bev C's version, perhaps due to choice of brew and milk product.

The Speculoos Waffle $6.50 was rather disappointing - the speculoos flavor in the speculoos sauce wasn't strong enough, and mostly overwhelmed by the taste of the chocolate ice cream scoop that it was served with. However, the waffle texture was pretty good, veering towards crispy more than fluffy.

The Coffee Daily is located in a nice quiet neighbourhood and isn't too crowded, but the furniture (high chairs, incompatible chair and table height, small tables), frequent power outages and lack of decor makes it a place that isn't too comfortable for chilling. It's more of a eat-and-go kind of place, rather than a comfy place to while away the afternoon.

In all, a place with good food, but for the price paid, I had hoped for a better dining environment.

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