Impressed with the fried chicken repertoire at Ahtti Korean Chicken, I decided to try their newly added non-chicken dishes. I ordered the seafood soondubu and plain fried boneless chicken this time. The seafood soondubu was filled to the brim with mussels, clams, prawns, leeks, onions, zucchini, egg and egg tofu. I wished they had used plain tofu instead of egg tofu as it just didn’t taste as authentic with egg tofu which was obviously used to tweak to local tastebuds. I would also have appreciated if they had added kimchi to the soup or at least provided a side portion of it. Though it was very hearty as it also came with a portion of rice, the soondubu didn’t exactly satisfy due to the lack of kimchi, use of egg tofu and it was also rather salty. The plain fried chicken came with a ganjang dip and a spicy dip. I preferred the ganjang dip. Having tried all the flavours now, my go to fave would definitely be the Yangnyeom flavour. Now they just have to add other Korean staples like tteokbokki to their menu.