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Say aloha to the food trend that is sweeping all across the world — poke (pronounced 'poh-kay'). A staple of the Hawaiian islands for centuries, poke bowls are salads that feature marinated raw fish, much like its chirashi counterparts from Japan. In fact, the original poke flavour that sees the freshly cut sashimi cubes tossed in a sweet marinade, is a nod to the strong Japanese influence on the Hawaiian islands. While yellow fin tuna is the default choice of fish in Hawaii, Aloha Poke also offers salmon as an alternative base, alongside a vegetarian option. For lunch, choose from three different sizes (one, two or three scoops of poke). Go for the standard Nalu (2 scoops, $15.90) with this winning combination — 150g of original tuna and wasabi mayo salmon with brown rice and avocado, topped with flying fish roe and cherry tomatoes. Every bowl comes with a slice of lime, bite-sized pineapples and scallions on the side. You may also opt for the spicy flavour if you prefer some heat. Come by in the evening for the Roasted Pork Belly ($12) served with pineapple cubes, washed down with either a pint of ice cold Hawaiian Kona Beer ($13.90) or a Mauna Loa cocktail ($18) at the newly launched Tiki Bar (in a cute Tiki mug of course)! Pro tip: order your salads one day in advance via email to beat the queue.