Are you a 🥞 pancakes/waffles lover just like me? This is where i have recently checked out @ that serves organic and healthy grains filled pancakes. Their pancakes are made with their own flour mix, using 7 different types of the finest quality grain, which includes the legendary purple rice and red glutinous rice from Kumamoto and Fukuoka Prefecture.

From sweet to savoury pancakes and waffles, very certain you can find a choice here to suit your liking :)

🥰🧇Karaage Chicken Waffle - waffle served with karaage chicken and special sauce, my favourite among all, the chicken was said to be marinated with mirin, sake, turmeric and some other ingredients to create this inevitable taste that tantalise my tastebud with their healthy waffles that evening... totally in love with with this!!! ❤️

🥞Eggs Benedict - Pancakes- served with tomato, asparagus, poached egg, bacon & Hollandaise sauce

🥞Croque Madame Pancake - Served with baked ham, Sautéed onions, baked potatoes, sunny side up, béchame sauce, mustard and garden greens

🥞Berrylicious Pancake- served with three different types of berries with vanilla ice cream

🥞Matcha MontBlanc Pancake- served with Matcha sauce, matcha mousse, fresh cream, topped with vanilla ice cream

🥞Matcha Tiramisu Pancake- served with brown sugar and vanilla ice cream

🥞Salted Caramel French Toast served with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce

They have also recently launched their artisan cold brew and hand brewed coffee to complement their exquisite food menu. If you love hand crafted coffee (pour-over) to pair with your pancakes/waffles, don’t miss out! 别让生活留白了!