The cereal waffles comprise of freshly made buttermilk waffles topped with hazelnut chocolate ice cream, cornflakes, bananas, and drizzled with salted caramel. We added on a scoop of Sea Salt Caramel ice cream and ended up with two huge ice cream scoops that practically covered the whole waffle - no wonder they charge $6 a scoop. The ice cream to waffle ratio is very off. There’s too much ice cream to waffle, but the great thing is that though the ice cream is very fine, it doesn’t melt that quickly. Both the ice cream flavours were on point as well. Even if you’re not a chocolate lover, the hazelnut chocolate ice cream could still be one to consider. The nuttiness of the hazelnuts balance out the chocolate flavour, and it comes across as a milky scoop of Nutella. The Sea Salt Caramel had a distinct roasted caramel taste, which was sweeter than the hazelnut chocolate, but mellowed by the sea salt. The saltiness wasn’t overpowering though, and it was still easy to appreciate the caramel. As for the waffles, they were decent but nothing that screams awesome. Not nearly crispy enough on the outside for my liking, these waffles are more chewy, but to each his own. Having tried the roasted cornflakes at Atlas Coffeehouse, the cereal here fell short. They tasted like regular Kellogg’s cornflakes. Too thin and a bit too soft to add much crunchiness. Felt that the caramel drizzle was too thick and sticky.

Overall the waffles at Craftsmen make for a good dessert if you happen to be there, but not good enough to travel there solely for.