Located at the heart of AXA Tower, The Lawn offers piping hot, char-grilled meats to complement your bowl of veggies. Choose either the Salad bed ($9.90) or Olive Rice ($8.90) as your base, then choose a grilled-to-order protein — chicken, beef, duck, fish or garlic prawns, of which the latter is a crowd favourite. Vegetarians can opt for the delicious Balsamico Fresh Asparagus and Eggplant. Move along the line and select one of their 12 saucy dressings, including the Maple Peanut, a fancier version of nutty satay sauce with red wine vinaigrette, or the fiery sambal belachan Me So Spicy. If you've opted for a Salad bed, you will also get to choose five toppings from 28(!) to go along with your leafy greens. Despite grilling your meat to order, the lines here move surprisingly fast. Pick a spot in this light-filled joint, soak in the sun and wriggle your toes in their faux lawn grass aka astro turf. Bliss! Pro tip: Grab a few of their order forms and leave it in the office so you can plan your salads beforehand, and try to dine in before 11:45am to enjoy a free soup shot!