Chef Shen Tan @chefshentan has a couple of menu ongoing at her private dining location, and I got a seat at the one that has a seafood thread going through each of her dishes.
In the cover photo was the dish I liked from her seafood menu. The housemade oyster noodles came in broth rich and flavourful from the use of various seafood and pork bones simmered in hours.
The full menu includes:
* Mee siam ceviche (2nd pic)
* Oyster fritters with salted egg yolk aioli (3rd pic)
* Seafood tau pok pau (4th pic)
* Luxe hae mee tng (cover pic)
* Green pepper curry clams with nasi lemak (5th pic)
* Grilled salted egg cured grouper (6th pic)
* Durian tempoyak mussels and bacon (7th pic)
* Crab and mango crepes with salted egg yolk ice cream (8th pic)

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