@japanese.bbq.tora is a brand spanking new (only a week old at time of writing) DIY Japanese bbq restaurant in Alexandra Central Mall, but it certainly got potential. Meaty, palatable potential. This is the Triple Set, coming in at a very reasonable $17.90 for a set that includes this here three hundred grams of pure bulking power, some lettuce leaves & a bowl of rice.⠀

A triple threat of pork belly shabu shabu, pork jowl, and chicken chunks sit ready for you to channel your inner Masterchef. Your loadout: one of them newfangled smokeless grills that work admirably, much to my amazement. Yep, you can sneak in a delicious barbecue lunch & return to the office without smelling like a walking barbecue pit. Sure, you aren’t gonna get the delicious smokiness that you would with charcoal, but you still get a scintillating sear on your meat from these electric grills.⠀

The pork jowl was indecently lardaceous, with the meat marbled in well with the fat, while the thinly sliced pork belly was a roughly even split between fat & protein. Of course, the meat itself is bland, which is where Tora’s proprietary Original BBQ Sauce & their Wasabi BBQ sauce would like to introduce themselves. The Original BBQ sauce is satisfyingly salty & sweet, perfect for jazzing up your (hopefully) competently cooked meat. The wasabi was my undisputed favourite, sporting a strangely satisfying sinus singe along with the salty-sweet character of the standard Original.⠀

The Triple Set is a triple threat, and while I may need triple cardiac bypass surgery later, its damn good eating considering the low price of admission to Flavortown. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again loudly: I’M HERE FOR A GOOD TIME, NOT A LONG TIME!⠀

no seriously get me off this fucking hellhole of a planet right now