Boost your libido level with some naked aphrodisiac morsels that are freshly shucked and free of any fishy odour. Squeeze a slice of lemon, drizzle some Tabasco sauce, and you'll have the perfect oyster shot before making out. 🤗

For those who're still single and looking - don't give up! Here's a little poem to cheer you up :)!
Enjoy! 🌹
It's now or never. Clench your fists.
Puff out your chest. And, scare the
away. This is your moment.
Don't let anyone seize the
Studies can wait, lunch can wait, but this is
your time to shine;
Plunge into the
and reveal your sword.
Be on the offensive and whack those
Whack it like you mean it. Whack them till they drop.
Whack harder. Your life depends on it.
When it's over,
suck the emotions back into your glands.
Nothing's over. This is only your
battle. Don't lose the enthusiasm, and
never stop fighting for what you desire.
Retreat for now;
head home and indulge in the
red velvet cupcakes
that you had bought yesterday.
You are ready for your next battle.

P.S.: He can wait. 😉